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With Cox Media Group Local Solutions' integrated marketing platform and innovative marketing tactics, you can put your business in front of local Tampa audiences to get noticed, be found, and convert customers.

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CMG Local Solutions has the marketing expertise and cutting-edge technology to help you reach your business goals. As a full-service digital marketing firm in Tampa, Florida, we can help you with everything from social media management for Tampa audiences to search engine optimization, analytics, and so much more.

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The Benefits of Working With a 
Top Digital Marketing Agency in Tampa

CMG Local Solutions has four key offerings that will put your business in front of local consumers:

Targeted Display Ads

No matter what devices your target audience uses, reach and convert them at crucial points along the consumer journey with targeted digital advertisements via email, social media, and native channels.

Connected Video

Video is the most compelling way to tell your story. Take advantage of CMG Local Solutions' video expertise in pre-roll, OTT, outstream, and more while driving consumers to action through engaging storytelling tactics.

Search Engine Marketing

Take control of your digital footprint with a combination of paid and organic search engine marketing tactics — as well as reputation and location management services.

Analytics Dashboard

No marketing campaign is complete without the data to back it up. With our robust data analytics platform, managing and optimizing your marketing campaigns has never been easier.

Our Local Brands

Our local Tampa media companies can provide a serious boost to your marketing efforts.

After being in the media industry for more than 100 years, CMG Local Solutions stands out from the competition.




Read our Success Stories

Success Stories


UMASS logo

Services Connected Video, CMG Analytics

Industry Higher Education

UMass Boston needed to increase engagement with potential new incoming freshmen. Their main focus was generating lead form submissions and phone calls to admissions. They had a big open house event planned and wanted to ensure it was well attended and that it built awareness for the school.

U.S. Legal

Services Targeted Display

Industry Legal Services

We discovered that this client had, up until now, solely been relying on their sales people to recruit new attorneys to become part of their network.

Local Fence Company

Services CMG Analytics, Targeted Display

Industry Home Services

A Local Fence Company has been a CMG partner on radio; however, they were buying digital from another provider and were not seeing the results they wanted. Leads were down year-over-year and there wasn't any explanation for why the campaign wasn't working.

Local Orlando Health University

Services CMG Analytics, Connected Video, Targeted Display

Industry Higher Education

Local Orlando Health University is a small, private university focused on healthcare careers. The on-campus team was struggling to compete with the largest competitor in the market and meet their enrollment goals.

Local Ford Dealership

Services CMG Analytics, Targeted Display

Industry Automotive Dealers Services

A Local Ford Dealer already had a strong presence in Texas and the nation, as they are the leading F-series dealer across the US. CMG Local Solutions completed a deep dive analysis and provided Planet Ford with a new strategy that would drive real business results.

Ackerman Security

logo, company name

Services CMG Analytics, Targeted Display

Industry Home Services

Each month the client was tracking incoming leads from all of their advertising YOY and was able to prove that each month CMG Local Solutions helped beat the same month the year before in new leads, revenue, and over-delivered on the client's monthly lead goals.

Forever Metal Roof

a drawing of a face

Services Targeted Display

Industry Home Services

Forever Metal Roof was already very successful in their Southern New Hampshire backyard but wanted to expand towards Boston. They felt like there was more audience to reach in Boston, and even more households to reach in their home market. Their goal was to increase leads.

Atlanta Healthcare Provider

Services CMG Analytics

The quality of the leads was their biggest concern. They were getting tons of leads, but none of them were converting into customers (or patients). We worked with CMG Health Marketing and pulled research to narrow in on their target audience, which was adults 50+ experiencing joint pain.

Local Tractor Dealer

Services Targeted Display

Industry Automotive Dealers Services

A local Mahindra tractor dealer, didn't have an established brand and had limited marketing exposure. The business already had three locations and were third nationwide for Mahindra tractors. The Local Solutions team knew a good marketing plan would take the local tractor dealer to the next level.

Luxury Car Dealership

Services Targeted Display, Connected Video, CMG Analytics

Industry Automotive Dealers Services

This luxury car dealership has been a radio advertiser with CMG for the past 10 years. The dealership was facing a major renovation in 2017 that threatened to severely limit in store traffic. This created a unique opportunity to leverage digital to create a virtual showroom.

Local Charlotte Dealership

Services Targeted Display, Connected Video, CMG Analytics

Industry Automotive Dealers Services

The client was mainly focused on the bottom of the sales funnel, but we explained the importance of reaching consumers at every step of their purchase journey. Creating awareness and staying top of mind at the top of the funnel would create cost efficiencies towards the bottom of the funnel and drive conversions. 

Richardson Richardson 

Richardson Richardson Boudreaux Logo

Services Targeted Display, CMG Analytics

Industry Legal Services

RRB aimed to position itself as a premier law firm through local lawyer marketing in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma, areas. By doing a deep dive into RRB’s goals, we were able to develop a strategy tailored to their specific needs: increased lead generation and qualification with a focus on personal injury cases.

A Dedicated Marketing Firm for Tampa Businesses

CMG Local Solutions is a full-service digital marketing company helping Tampa businesses reach their target audiences and drive results. Our innovative marketing tactics and cutting-edge technology can identify your target consumers and help your business get noticed, be found, and convert. Start putting your marketing dollars to work with a proven marketing agency. We're ready when you are.