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Dealership Marketing Strategies

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How to Market Your Car Dealership

Get up to speed—fast—on the latest dealership marketing strategies.

When people need a new car, they start online. So for dealers, a strong digital presence is a must. From paid search to social media marketing, increasing your visibility will lead to stronger business. Let's get moving!

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Leading car dealers are embracing the digital marketing landscape.

"In a market where our competition is down 4%, we are up 28%. We are blowing the industry away with what we are doing together."

US Auto Sales

"New and used cars are up 15 to 25 cars per month. We delivered 130-plus Subaru intender leads monthly."

Local Subaru Dealer

Marketing Quick Wins for Car Dealers

Speed up your success with these easy tactics.

Building a dealership business takes time and serious investment. Fortunately, these quick wins provide traction for new and established dealerships alike.

Start with Search

Today, people research—and even buy!—cars online. When you rise to the top, you'll grow your business. This includes SEO and SEM, but you can start with a quick-to-implement local paid search campaign.

Rev Up Recurring Business

If you're like most dealerships, service can be a big part of your bottom line. Set up automated email and text reminders for service and maintenance, on custom schedules, to keep your customers coming back more frequently.

Get Your Reputation in Check

Check your online reputation. If it needs work, hire a pro to help get things in order before going full speed with other marketing tactics.

Suggested Services

PPC, SEO, Reputation Management, OTT, GeoFenced Display, Email, Broadcast

Primary Key Performance Indicator

Phone Calls, Walk-ins, Click for Directions

Recommended Time Frame

12 Months

A Step-By-Step Guide to Car Dealership Marketing

Put the pedal to the metal with this 5-step approach.

Like selling a car, your marketing requires a nuanced approach. Get more customers on the lot—and more sales under your belt—with this step-by-step plan.

Polish Your Presence

First, make sure your online reputation is squeaky clean. Customers want to buy from a dealer they can trust, so address any immediate issues and implement a plan to continuously monitor and respond to online reviews.

Maintain Your Socials

Your shiny new cars were made for social media! Run campaigns to gain a strong local following so that you can promote financing specials, new models and more to drum up business. You can even run paid social campaigns to widen your reach.

Drive Traffic

Speaking of widening your reach, new, targeted digital ad technologies can help you grow business much more quickly and efficiently by getting you in front of people who are about to start (or in the midst of) car shopping. This includes campaigns on car listing sites, paid search, display and social media advertising.

Push Repeat Business

As mentioned, car dealers can benefit greatly from service department business. But it's not just about the recurring revenue. Providing a positive experience when customers come in for service will cement your reputation in their minds. When it's time for their next purchase, they'll come back to you.

Build a Name For Yourself

The stronger your name is in your community, the bigger your business can grow. This comes fairly naturally for car dealers who are often long standing pillars in the community, but for newer dealerships or those looking to level up, use brand-building channels like radio, TV, digital billboards, social and display.

Car Dealership Trends

Word on the lot is that these trends are having big impact.

Technology and digital trends hit the dealership world years ago, and are having continued impact. Position yourself ahead of the evolution to succeed.

19% of those who bought a car online did it via a dealer's website

Online car buyers were more likely to purchase new cars—73% vs. 27% who purchased used

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Bulldog Kia Boosts Phone Calls by 50%

Bulldog Kia had a strong radio presence, but wanted to focus more on conversions and ROI. CMG implemented a comprehensive strategy of search, dynamic social, and display campaigns to advertise monthly updated incentives.

Double-digit Percentage Increases Across All Channels

The campaign brought a 98% increase in paid search traffic, a 69% increase in traffic from dynamic social ads, a 32% increase in traffic from display ads and a 50% increase in calls.

Get FREE Custom Insights

We have inside information on the audience and market trends affecting your car dealership.

From information about the size and makeup of your local or national market to insights on your competitors and their marketing activities, we'll provide you with in-depth, free reports to help guide your car dealership marketing strategy in the right direction. Fill out the form to get started.

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