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National Franchise Marketing Strategies

Stay Super—
Even at Scale

How to Market Your National Franchise

Grow your footprint and boost franchise value.

When it comes to National Franchises, you're selling the dream—to franchisees and customers alike. But as business multiplies, it becomes harder to keep messaging consistent and advertising ROI steady. Get ahead of the issue—with a smart, scalable marketing mix. Let's take a look!

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Leading national franchises are embracing the digital marketing landscape.

"Our business saw sales increase 12% year over year in the first 30 days! In addition, Lee's franchise owners to the South and Northeast saw residual value from the promotion and are interested in starting their own campaigns"

Fast Food Franchise

"We are really excited about the results we've seen for Project Atlanta since incorporating a broadcast and digital strategy on WSB-TV! Phone calls are up, store visits are up, revenue is up ... all during a time when retail is suffering throughout the country."


Marketing Quick Wins for National Franchises

The successes will multiply with these smart, quick tactics.

Like building a national franchise, a solid marketing strategy takes time. But these quick wins offer some fast, easy traction.

Tighten Your Targeting

For large, national advertising campaigns, it's not just about getting the geographical locations right. New digital targeting technologies can help you zero in on your ideal customer base to avoid wasted spend. This is especially helpful in channels that have traditionally leveraged a "spray and pray" approach, but that can now be much more targeted—like TV.

Spice Up Your Social

Back to Brand: Social wins the day! For a franchise with a national presence, killer social content is crucial. Don't forget about interacting promptly with users who message and comment.

Don't Forget DOOH

DOOH or Digital Out of Home marketing (digital billboards, bus ads, etc.) is an obvious answer for national franchises who have presence in various markets across the country and therefore need to scale (efficiently). And unlike traditional billboards, digital ones can go live with just a few clicks!

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9 Months

A Step-By-Step Guide to National Franchise Marketing

5 steps to keep your national franchise on the map.

The national franchise business is tough—from maintaining a consistent experience to building the brand at a national or regional level. But this process can help get you there.

Boost Your Digital/Mobile Presence

A website with stellar user experience is table stakes. But many national franchises are also going live with seriously awesome mobile apps that provide a consistent experience for customers regardless of their franchise location. This is a great way to gain better control of the customer message/experience at scale.

Get SEO in Check

SEO efforts for national franchises often take a two-pronged approach—location-specific/local SEO, plus an SEO approach for your corporate/overarching brand. As the corporate owner, you should drive the strategy/goals for both, even if franchisees handle SEO at a local level.

Bring Them In, Bring Them Back for More

Catch consumers at the right time and place with carefully targeted ads on key digital channels (including search and OOH) to bring business through franchisees' doors. Bring them back with retargeting ads and offers, loyalty programs (including mobile app offers) and other incentives to keep your brand sticky.

Build Your Brand

To build a national franchise brand you have to scale; to scale, you have to build your brand. It's a bit of a conundrum, but you do have quite a bit of control. Use brand-friendly marketing channels like connected TV, display, social and OOH to market to consumers and potential franchisees alike. This way, you'll have a head start when you enter new local markets.

Manage Your Reputation

While some of this may be out of your hands, you should have a strategy and SOP to help guide franchisees on ways to manage their local online reputation. This can be tricky at scale, so depend on an expert agency partner to help offer solutions.

National Franchise Marketing Trends

These trends are affecting national franchise businesses. 

National franchises are a minority (as compared to regional and local franchises)—so the marketing pressure is higher than ever.

Only 16% of franchises are national (or global)

300 companies start franchising every year (on average)

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In 10 months, CMG was able to deliver a moving franchise 3700 conversions in just 10 months. That resulted in a 115% increase in conversions over the previous year with a whopping 279 booked appointments!

115% increase in conversions over the previous year

"CMG really takes the time to learn about your business and your marketing needs and then get to work on creating a personalized plan to help your company grow while delivering the proper message to your targeted audience. Not only do we love working with these amazing people, our partnership and strategies have worked."

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