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The Tampa PPC agency you need to spawn lasting leads.

In a city like the Big Guava, you need a unique marketing strategy if you're going to stand-out from other businesses. You need a digital marketing partner that knows their stuff– a partner, just like CMG.

Imagine you're sitting at home planning your fantasy vacation to Tahiti. You click through the long list of hotel options and different activities you can participate in while there. Before actually booking, you close out the site and move on to another task. Over the next few days, you notice that the hotels and entertainment you viewed show up every time you open your laptop, offering a discount for the week you had considered, taunting you to click that 'book now' button. We've all been there. Well, now you've got a name for it: PPC. PPC ads can work if the campaign's managed with an understanding of how to use it to your benefit. CMG has all of your PPC Tampa needs, ready to generate fast and meaningful results-- all while turning a profit on your investment.

Don't settle for average. Choose CMG– the nation's leading media empire.

A member of our large team (sitting at over 100 teammates) will monitor your campaign at any given time to ensure your business sees an improvement. But don't just take our word for it. View a fraction of our satisfied clientele below.







Capable. Committed. Creative. That's us.

We've managed more than 200,000 digital marketing campaigns since opening our doors. CMG can help you regain control of your marketing, just like we've helped our extensive list of over 4,500 clients.

Gain traffic and grow your business

Leverage the power of differentiation

Get seen and sell more

Redefine reach and ROI

Never worry if your ads are paying off

Target, retarget, and retain

Outperform contextual advertising

Turn your data into doing

Exceed, not just achieve, your goals

The right digital marketing firm to bring you the right customers.

CMG Tampa is ready to assist you in generating new clientele with the power of PPC on your side.

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CMG's priceless PPC process

When it comes to PPC marketing, CMG doesn't mess around. We use the most thorough PPC marketing tactics available to ensure none of your resources are wasted. We're the PPC agency Tampa businesses call when they need to redefine ROI.

Budget and Brainstorm

First, we'll define your goals and determine Key Performance Indicators. In doing so, we minimize ad spend waste by optimizing the platforms and the content types we employ.


We integrate top keywords, your ads, and the landing pages you share with customers to match the position individuals are in your sales funnel.


Next, we'll create ads that link search intent/audience