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Combining SEO, SEM and more, OneSearch is a proven, exclusive way to rule search results and eclipse your competitors.

Find new customers with a suite of 
powerful search marketing services

As a local marketing agency specializing in promoting businesses across numerous markets, CMG Local Solutions has carved out and developed OneSearch as the complete search gamechanger that affects your local online presence. There are four key pieces to OneSearch: SEM, SEO, location management and reputation management.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Take control of results with paid search.

Search engine marketing (SEM), allows you to control when you're seen, where you're seen, and who sees you. OneSearch delivers an ROI that's well above industry benchmarks. How? By pairing in-house and in-market expertise with the best data-mining technology to drive results. Our specialists use proven strategies to leverage SEM to attract high-value traffic and drive conversion-ready prospects to your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Grow your prime "real estate" in organic search.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is like owning a valuable piece of virtual property. Companies that appear first in organic search are perceived as industry leaders and use it to enhance their brand reputation. They drive the highest quality traffic, generate effortless leads and convert those leads into repeat buyers. Our SEO strategy is customized to your specific business to drive in rankings, traffic, and new, organic leads to your site.

Location Management
Be discovered where they’re searching.

Search engine marketing is like real estate - it's all about location. With OneSearch, CMG Local Solutions can also work as your local internet marketing firm, making sure you will be found everywhere users are looking by distributing your business information across Google, Amazon, Facebook, and 70+ apps, maps, smart devices and search engines.

Reputation Management
Generate positive reviews and testimonials.

Nothing is as valuable as real reviews from actual customers. According to the latest research, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business, and 88% trust them as much as personal recommendations. We help you generate positive reviews, and make sure they are seen by potential buyers.

Dominate both organic and 
paid search.

OneSearch leverages numerous local online marketing strategies for both organic and paid search to produce best-in-class results for your business. We weave our search solutions together throughout the consumer journey, focusing on tactics that help you get noticed, be found, and convert searchers into customers.

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Watch to learn how our search advertising solution combines organic and paid search marketing to drive more people to your website.

Be found everywhere your ideal customers are searching

OneSearch combines it all to dramatically boost your online presence. We leverage our exclusive Google and Microsoft partnerships and use data integrations from Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Apple to tackle numerous tasks:

  • Populate your business's listings with rich content, such as photos and videos.
  • Integrate voice technology like Alexa or Google Home.
  • Get an in-depth analysis, audit, and optimization recommendations for increased visibility.
  • Expand your reach on publisher sites unique to your industry.
  • Align ad copy and site content to engage consumers and persuade the right people to click.

  • Generate new 5-star reviews to boost ratings and monitor reviews in real time.
  • Ensure your website is compliant with Google and Bing guidelines so that your business will succeed.
  • Optimize and analyze your site for increased visibility.
  • Increased leads from paid search so you can get seen before your competitors.
  • Build trust and credibility with search engines while branding your company as an authority in your industry.

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OneSearch does it all and does it better. 

Local marketing companies rarely can handle all of these different elements of local search so effectively. By attacking local SEM, local SEO, listings, reviews and more all at once rather than one factor at a time, your business can elevate itself quickly and effectively in local search, becoming more visible than ever before with one packaged solution.

So many businesses ask, "What are the most effective local digital marketing services near me?" Rarely can an agency get a brand into search results as quickly and effectively as OneSearch. And, as a part of the greater CMG Local Solutions answer, you can sync online advertising campaigns, mobile, video, and more with your search campaign, rather than keeping these cutting-edge solutions apart.

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There's a lot of moving parts within the world of local search, but with integrated rather than separated strategies, OneSearch becomes a solution that's greater than the sum of its parts. OneSearch is a unique product that combines marketing and technology across multiple industries to generate huge results, putting businesses on the map.

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We generated 1,520 leads through calls and form fills, a 581% increase YOY. Through constant optimizations, we lowered cost per leads by 25% when they first started with CMG.

-S&W Kitchens

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By the end of the campaign, the client opened a second state-of-the-art dealership and was selling 400 cars per month.

-Victory Chevrolet USA


As a first time Local Solutions digital client, we were able to increase their eCommerce conversion rate by 33% in less than 4 months. Likewise, overall revenue and overall transactions online significantly increased!

-Local Pizza Place

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Our Partners and Publishers

When it comes to your digital marketing, we only partner with the top leaders in the industry to help get you the best results possible. Because we're a part of CMG, digital advertising with us is credible, accessible, data-driven and transparent.