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Pizza Franchise Marketing Strategies

Get a Bigger 
Piece of The Pie

How to Market Your Pizza Franchise Business

Any way you slice it, a smart marketing mix is crucial.

The pizza business is one of the most competitive in the restaurant segment. But as a franchisee with corporate support, you have a leg up. Get fired up with your own approach to local marketing and watch the dough roll in. Let's heat things up!

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Leading pizza franchisees are embracing the digital marketing landscape.

"Our business saw sales increase 12% year over year in the first 30 days! In addition, Lee's franchise owners to the South and Northeast saw residual value from the promotion and are interested in starting their own campaigns."

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Marketing Quick Wins for Pizza Franchises

Turn up the heat, fast, with these ideas.

Making the perfect marketing plan takes time and the right ingredients. But these fast tactics can help get things started.

Get Cheesy On Social

Everyone loves pizza! Show yours off on social with organic and paid posts (if you're able to supplement corporate's efforts with your own local social profiles).

Get Delivery in Order

If your corporate franchise owner has a delivery app or system, make sure you're plugged in and ready to take advantage. If not, work on your own delivery solutions to make sure you don't miss out on business.

Get 'Em While They're Hungry

Winning their order takes the right combination of good delivery options and local search ads—so they'll see you first and be swept up in your easy ordering options! Implement a fast search campaign with the help of an expert.

Suggested Services

SEO, Reputation Management, GeoFenced Display, Email, CRO

Primary Key Performance Indicator

Phone Calls, Walk-Ins, Click for Directions

Recommended Time Frame

12 Months

A Step-By-Step Guide to Pizza Franchisee Marketing

We've got all the ingredients for the perfect plan.

In the uber-competitive pizza market, smart strategy is key. Then, implement your local marketing with help from an experienced partner.

Bring the Heat Locally

The franchise pizza industry is cutthroat, and competitors are no doubt spending a lot of money nationally. To compete, you'll have to dominate locally. Make your pizza franchise known in your neighborhood with a multi-channel advertising approach—considering everything from OOH and TV to social and SMS marketing.

Supercharge SEO

Speaking of winning locally, location-specific/local SEO is crucial for your pizza franchise business. You'll likely need the right combination of organic efforts and paid search, with guidance from an experienced partner. To make it to the top, professional expertise is a must.

Entice Them With Offers

Big national pizza franchises focus on repeat business for a reason—with special offers and loyalty programs to keep customers coming back for more. Be sure to take full advantage of these corporate-sponsored incentive programs, and if you're able, create and market your own for added impact.

Build Your List

Speaking of corporate-driven loyalty programs, make sure you are doing all you can to encourage customers to join—or provide their contact information for your own lists. This will allow you (or your corporate owner) to market to them directly through app notifications, email and SMS. It all adds up to more frequent orders!

Keep a Warm Reputation

How are your online reviews? Make sure your franchise location/s maintains a good rep by implementing a plan to monitor and respond to online reviews. Then work on automated campaigns (email and SMS) to encourage recent customers to write reviews immediately after their order. If you need help cleaning up your online ratings and reviews, get help from an expert.

Pizza Franchise Marketing Trends

Hot and Fresh Franchise Trends, Coming 'Atcha!

Franchise landscape trends highlight the need to focus heavily on building brands locally and regionally. Even if your pizza franchise is going national, you'll likely need a local or regional approach as well.

Over 80% franchises are local or regional

300 companies start franchising every year (on average)

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This pizza franchise worked with CMG to improve their brand awareness and market locally, complementing their national marketing efforts.

Radio + Digital Campaigns

After a successful radio and digital campaign, other franchises saw the success our partner was having, and decided to work with CMG to run similar campaigns.

Get FREE Custom Insights

We have inside information on the audience and market trends affecting your pizza franchise business.

From information about the size and makeup of your local or national market to insights on your competitors and their marketing activities, we'll provide you with in-depth, free reports to help guide your pizza franchise marketing strategy in the right direction. Fill out the form to get started.

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