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Most online prospects discover the brands they love through digital video. Leverage local video advertising to engage those target customers with impactful stories.

Set your brand apart with online and mobile video ads.

Connected Video is your secret weapon - a blend of digital video services promoting your business in local markets to get proven results. Digital video ads connect you to your customers in an intimate way, and with options for pre-roll, out-stream, social media video, and over-the-top ads (OTT), the Connected Video solution combines the right blend that will connect you with your target audience.

have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video

of people who searched for a product on Google head to YouTube to learn more

Consumers spend over 5 hours a day watching video content. 

YouTube reaches more 18-to-49-year-olds in an average week than all cable TV networks combined. 

Video is a critical aspect in the consumer journey.

Connected Video is a powerful, proven and targeted advertising solution that engages consumers in their "comfort zone" while delivering your branded message. Our videos are optimized for all devices including mobile devices, leveraging the apps and channels needed to deliver your video for maximum impact.

Find new customers with a suite of powerful 
digital marketing services

Our Connected Video digital advertising solution reaches a staggering 87%+ of all US Internet users - literally tens of millions of engaged prospects. Online video advertising is a game-changer, and we offer a wide array of customized video advertising options to reach those prospects:

Compelling Advertising to Meet Your Needs

Pre-roll ads are targeted digital video ads that automatically play before a featured video. These ads are short enough to be non-invasive, yet long enough to make an impact. Pre-rolls are one of the most profitable tools in your arsenal, allowing you to be discovered by your ideal audience with advertising that's contextually relevant to what they're about to watch.

Over The Top (OTT)
Marketing for the Connected Consumer

In the digital era, many viewers are not reachable through traditional old-school commercial advertising such as television, cable and satellite. OTT enables you to reach "cord-cutters" with advanced targeting capabilities and non-skippable ads. Target users via on-demand services - especially millennials and similar high-value demographics.

Dynamic Outstream Video Services

Outstream refers to a digital video ad that automatically plays within the context of a page, usually an article. It doesn't necessitate that the user is already watching a video. Brand professionals cite outstream as a great strategy for targeting new online customers in a native, natural way.

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Connected Video

Your target audience is watching video to be entertained, informed, and to learn. Watch to learn how our customized video advertising solutions allows you to visually and emotionally engage with your customers

Create a more powerful, intimate connection that drives
customer action.

While being engaging, fun and stimulating, online and mobile video advertising is a trackable way to draw in new customers. You can build customized campaigns around your personal goals and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Does your digital marketing strategy need local video advertising?

Our specialists use strategic audience targeting for local video ads to reach and influence the right consumers. An engaging video has all the right elements - colorful visuals, sound, motion and messaging - all designed to evoke emotions and drive action.

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Video pre-roll lead to over 4,000 new prospective clients to the website. Time on website and online conversions continue to increase!

-Blaine Jones Law

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Our Facebook Live sponsorship delivered over 1.9 million viewers!

-Major Restaurant Chain

Excite and engage with your target audience with
online local video ads. 

CMG Local Solutions crafted Connected Video as a highly specific targeting tool that builds awareness, develops connections and generates excitement. It can do more for your brand. We use the most advanced, cutting-edge tools and resources to capture the widest range of viewers and increase sales.

  • Capture viewers in the first few seconds with attention-grabbing, HD video.
  • Deliver relevant and timely message with customized video scripts for your brand and each platform (never cookie-cutter).
  • Capture consumers who are already in a lean-in mode and persuade them to take action!
  • Leverage our huge audience reach to appear across a vast range of channels.
  • Use a holistic strategy to capture a multi-screen audience.
  • Engage consumers with a native, non-intrusive feel using contextually relevant placement.
  • Stand apart from competitors and get massive results.
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When it comes to your digital marketing, we only partner with the top leaders in the industry to help get you the best results possible. Because we're a part of CMG, digital advertising with us is credible, accessible, data-driven and transparent.