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Ice Cream Franchise Marketing Strategies

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How to Market Your Ice Cream Franchise Business

Churn up some business with the perfect marketing mix.

The ice cream franchise business can be pretty sweet. But maintaining success and running a successful operation isn't always sugar and spice. To stay on top, you need a marketing mix that will help you lure in new customers and beat out the competition. Let's get the scoop!

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Marketing Quick Wins for Ice Cream Franchises

Freeze out the competition with these tactics.

Building up your customer base can be a slow churn. But we have some tactics that will get fast traction.

Focus on Seasonality

Unfortunately, the ice cream business has a slow season. Work with your franchise owners, or devise your own plan, to offer seasonal flavors, discounts and other specials. Then promote them on social and through local paid advertising to stay strong in every season.

Sweeten Up Social

Visuals of sweet treats are perfect fodder for your social channels, and a great way to draw in new customers. You can work with corporate to get your content on their channel, or create your own local social profiles.

Help Them Find You

The search for sweet treat is often spontaneous. Be sure you pop up first when they're on the hunt—with a paid search campaign. Implementation is quick and easy with the right partner.

Suggested Services

SEO, Reputation Management, GeoFenced Display, Email

Primary Key Performance Indicator

Walk-ins, Click for Directions

Recommended Time Frame

12 Months

A Step-By-Step Guide to Ice Cream Franchisee Marketing

Put the cherry on top of your business with this proven plan.

Amplify corporate's marketing efforts with your own local marketing. With the right plan and partner, it's easy.

Stay Up To Date

Even if you don't have control over your ice cream franchise's national website, mobile app or other digital tools, you can have impact on your local pages or listings. Start by making sure all listing information is correct and up to date.Then, focus on what you can do to boost the SEO impact of these local listings (see Step 2!)

Up You SEO Game

Location-specific/local SEO is crucial for your ice cream franchise business. The best approach is to use a combination of organic efforts and paid search. But be sure to get guidance from an experienced partner—in the competitive food franchise business, success takes strong expertise.

Bring Them In, Bring Them Back

Foot (and drive-by) traffic is a boon for many ice cream shops. Make the most of it with good signage, plus local OOH advertising like billboards. There are even geo-targeted ads that can trigger messages when people are nearby. And be sure to take full advantage of corporate-sponsored incentive programs and special offers to keep customers coming back for more.

Become a Local Name

For an ice cream franchise, brand building happens at a national/regional level and a local level. Tackle the latter with a smart mix of brand-friendly channels like OOH, connected TV, radio, social and display.

Build Your List

When customers come through your doors, don't miss out on capturing their contact info—either as part of a loyalty program or just as a way to stay in touch. You can then market to them via SMS, email and even online advertising. You can even set up automated email or SMS campaigns to ensure you're staying top of mind with your customers.

Ice Cream Franchise Marketing Trends

Check Out the Coolest Trends in the Biz.

Franchise landscape trends highlight the need to focus heavily on building brands locally and regionally. Even if your ice cream franchise is going national, you'll likely need a local or regional approach as well.

Over 80% franchises are local or regional

300 companies start franchising every year (on average)

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From information about the size and makeup of your local or national market to insights on your competitors and their marketing activities, we'll provide you with in-depth, free reports to help guide your ice cream franchise marketing strategy in the right direction. Fill out the form to get started.

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