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PPC ads: Generating new leads & bigger bottom lines. 

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The advertising agency Seattle relies on to get the job done and done well. 

To get noticed by consumers among the overwhelming collection of businesses using digital marketing in the Emerald City, you need a partner that knows what they're doing. You need CMG– the nation's largest media empire.

Picture it: you're sitting down in your favorite coffee shop, meeting with close friends to plan your dream vacation. You're at the very first stages, so the group only looks at hotels and different activities without committing. Fast forward to the next day, and you begin to notice that the hotels you viewed mere hours earlier are popping up on every site you visit, taunting you to click that 'book now' button. Sound familiar? That's PPC hard at work. PPC ads can be very beneficial as long as a company manages the campaign with an understanding of how to best make PPC work for you. CMG has all of your PPC Seattle needs on lockdown, generating fast and meaningful results-- all while turning a profit on your investment. Isn't it time for your business to shine?

More bang for your buck, less stress, and no mess. That's how we roll at CMG.

With decades of experience and thousands of success stories to showcase our expertise, CMG guarantees that your business will see an improvement when working with us. Take a look at just a fraction of our satisfied clientele below:







Have your competitors offered you a challenge? Let CMG be your answer.

Our team of more than 100 experts monitors your campaign closely at all times - across various channels - to ensure your message is out there and getting seen.

Gain traffic and grow your business

Leverage the power of differentiation

Get seen and sell more

Redefine reach and ROI

Never worry if your ads are paying off

Target, retarget, and retain

Outperform contextual advertising

Turn your data into doing

Exceed, not just achieve, your goals

How our Seattle smarts spell PPC success.

Whether you're new to the Seattle scene or are a long-standing business, you deserve a marketing team with the chops to expand your reach.

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Our PPC process made clear

We'll help you capitalize on the latest trends to improve your online presence and generate new leads. CMG will create a unique PPC plan based on the successful, perfected methods we've collected from over the years.

Step 1: Define your needs and determine your audience

First, we'll talk about the goals you'd like to reach and then we'll determine the audience best fit to get you there.

Step 2: Develop and test your strategy

Once we understand your business, we can incorporate brand, categories, and keywords into your PPC strategy.

Step 3: Analyze and optimize your plan

Once live, It's time to sit back and watch. CMG notes which keywords best reach your audience and will optimize them.

Step 4: Monopolize on new leads

Getting the leads is only part of the job; now, we'll keep them engaged so that they keep coming back for more.

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