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CMG: the ad agency Pittsburgh relies on to get the job done.

Think of us as the big brother of marketing. We're always here, always watching your PPC campaign to ensure it stays doing what it was meant to do. If it doesn't– we'll take care of it.

Whether you realize it or not, you interact with PPC advertising every day. Have you done a little online shopping or doom-scrolled on Instagram lately? Seen an ad pop-up for something you viewed but didn't buy? That's PPC hard at work. When handled by a company that knows what they're doing, PPC ads can result in revenue-affirming results for the businesses that use them. But if used by a company that doesn't have the skillset necessary to succeed, *insert explosion noise here.* CMG has decades of experience handling PPC on our side to ensure that your business sees an improvement in views and sales. Savvy Steel City business owners choose CMG, the leading Pittsburg PPC advertising company.

CMG– The nation's leading media empire for a reason.

CMG has built a reputation based on our ability to generate new leads and make meaningful changes for our partner's business. Take a look at a few of our Pittsburgh success cases below: