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Home Security Marketing Strategies

Protect the Future
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How to Market Your Home Security Business

Secure new leads and grow your business with a smart marketing mix

You protect customers every day—but what about your bottom line? Be proactive about business growth and success with new digital marketing strategies. Let's get started!

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Leading home security companies are embracing the digital marketing landscape.

"My CMG rep recommended LinkedIn advertising to offer the best ROI for the types of clients we were targeting. The campaign became the #1 source of new users to our website, had a 5.03% click through rate (which was 867% higher than industry standards), and most of all, our sales for a particular product we were highlighting on LinkedIn increased by 15% from prior year, and this is during a pandemic. I highly recommend the team at CMG and their Social Media Advertising Strategies."

Beau Armstrong, CEO, Armstrong Lock & Security Products

"We completely notice when we are on and not on WSB-TV (with help from CMG). I was astounded by how many people not only watch the station, but also the credibility that it applies to the advertisers, too."

Nick B. Thomas, CMO, Ackerman Security

Marketing Quick Wins for Home Security Companies

Need fast results? Sound the alarm with these ideas.

Monitoring and securing business success is a journey. But these tactics can provide fast results to get things started.

Be in the Right Place at the Right Time

Usually, security system installation is a one-and-done need. Implement a fast ad campaign (search, display, social or OTT) to help you find the people looking for your service now—so you'll be in the right place at the right time to win the job.

Don't Forget B2B

Bigger jobs often come from companies in need of larger-scale security systems. Get in front of them through a targeted LinkedIn ad campaign.

Get Social

The cutting-edge nature of the latest home security products lends itself to social media. Showcase your offerings with a fun twist in reels, videos and other visual content.

Suggested Services


Primary Key Performance Indicator

Form Fills + Phone Calls

Recommended Time Frame

9 Months

A Step-By-Step Guide to Security System Marketing

Get wired for success with this 5-step plan.

Success in the home security market requires a thoughtful plan. Play it safe with this proven approach.

Step Up Your Web Presence

The home security industry has become more and more competitive with the introduction of high-tech, self-serve security products. In order to compete, home security companies need top-notch websites with strong user experiences, great design and compelling calls to action. Make sure there's an easy way for customers to request quotes and get immediate responses.

Educate Your Audience

Before choosing a home security system, most consumers do a fair amount of online research. Be there when they do with educational content that helps answer their questions. It's not enough to create this content, though; you'll have to get it in front of prospects during their search with targeted ad campaigns (search, social and display). You can even gate this content—so prospects get an education and you get the lead!

Focus on SEO

Paid search ads can be a quick win to get in front of new home security customers, but SEO is an important long-term tactic. To improve your SEO, you need to identify relevant keywords (what are your prospects asking?); frequently update your resource-style content (blog posts, videos and other educational content); and work on technical optimization (site speed, meta data, etc.).

Get Your Name Out

Home security is a high-stakes business, and building trust is essential to winning the job. In this vein, brand-building is critical, because customers are more likely to trust a company they've heard of before (versus one that's completely unfamiliar). Use brand-friendly channels like connected TV, social and display to get there.

Manage Your Reputation

Trust with a new prospect can be broken with a single bad review. Especially when it comes to the home security business—in which customers are trusting you with their safety—a good online reputation is critical. Solicit satisfied customers for new reviews; and don't forget to continuously monitor and manage reviews and ratings across the web (either manually or with help from monitoring software).

Home Security Marketing Trends

Monitor the latest tactics and insights.

Security companies are going digital—in every sense. But when it comes to digital marketing, customer acquisition costs are getting steeper. Work with a partner who can deliver more bang for your marketing buck.

Search ad CPC for home services keywords can exceed $40

The on-demand home services market size is expected to grow by $4.75 billion from 2021 to 2026

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Home Security Company Adds Thousands of New Site Users

Armstrong Lock and Security Products wanted to increase B2B leads. CMG implemented a comprehensive social media strategy, including a LinkedIn campaign to drive more vetted commercial owners and security directors to their website.

4000+ New Users

Since launching in April 2020, the LinkedIn campaign has been the #1 source of website traffic and new users to the site—4,091 new users in 8 months (41% of all traffic to the site and a click-thru rate of 5.03%).

Get FREE Custom Insights

We have inside information on the audience and market trends affecting your home security business.

From information about the size and makeup of your local or national market to insights on your competitors and their marketing activities, we'll provide you with in-depth, free reports to help guide your security marketing strategy in the right direction. Fill out the form to get started.

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