Helping Local Car Dealership Commercials Stay Relevant

When you're a local car dealership and you've been part of the community for a long time, it can be difficult to come up with fresh and exciting marketing ideas. With other dealerships popping up around town, it becomes even more challenging since you need to stand out from the competition. But how do you do that? And how do you do it in a way that's efficient for your investment and will bring in a new flow of customers? CMG Local Solutions offers just that- a solution to your problem.

OTT advertising can help keep your local car dealership commercial reach the right audience, working to gain your business as much attention as possible. We'll get your ads in front of people actively searching for a new vehicle, so they waste less time looking for you, and you waste less money finding them.

Why should I care about OTT advertising?

OTT marketing, also known as over-the-top marketing, refers to the delivery of ads via streaming media services offered to viewers over the Internet, bypassing traditional cable, broadcast, and satellite TV platforms.

OTT is one of the most target-specific marketing methods out there as it allows advertisers to reach specific audiences, providing thorough analytics to measure the ad's effectiveness better. Unlike other tactics such as CTV (connected TV) advertising, OTT can be viewed virtually anywhere as long as there is Internet; CTV can only be viewed on - you guessed it - TVs. Advantages of choosing OTT include:

  • Targeted advertising
  • High viewability
  • Brand safety
  • Cost-effective
  • Better customer engagement
  • Measurable results
  • Flexibility and Reach

This form of marketing is a game-changer. It does more than get your ad in front of ready-to-buy eyes; it also measures and tracks the impact, allowing for quicker adjustments on behalf of the advertiser and a more thorough understanding of what strategies work and which don't.

Can OTT increase the reach of my local car dealership commercial?

The short answer is: yes it can. For the reasons illustrated above and many others, OTT is the latest form of advertising that generates actual change for the businesses that use it. Additional advantages of OTT include:

Higher creativity and content delivery: When it comes to making a successful local car dealership commercial, creativity is a must. It's how you stand out from the crowd, so obviously, it's got to be memorable. With OTT on your side, your ads will always land in front of the people they're meant for. For example, if your commercial features a Jeep, OTT will target customers who regularly visit outdoorsy sites.

Access to leading networks and brands: With this kind of advertising, there is little risk of ad fraud or brand safety being called into question. Due to the nature of OTT and its applicability to different streaming platforms, your ad will reach people using different devices, such as Apple and Roku TVs, and will be displayed across different apps, such as Peacock and Paramount+.

Improved targeting and tracking: OTT ads can track how many people viewed your ad, how many viewers visited your site afterward, which OTT device is driving more views, and what a user's OTT path looks like. Typically, these metrics are then viewed on a supportive reporting interface.

High-efficiency rate: This form of advertising limits broadness to get to the individuals that are actually interested in purchasing a vehicle. OTT advertising allows for frequent updates if there is a change in the creative direction, unlike traditional TV commercials that would need to be pulled, entirely reshot, edited, and replaced. This makes it easier to be specific with what your ad is offering and keeps things up to date.

How Does OTT Compare to Other Advertising Methods?

If you listen to the radio in the car or turn your TV on, at some point, you're likely to hear a car dealership commercial come blasting through your speakers. Old-school strategies are still very popular with advertisers, partly because they're familiar and tend to be just plain amusing to potential customers. Think about it- when was the last time you saw a quiet, calm-mannered car salesman on TV? Never! Humor sells, and so does the horrible actor on the screen. People love to be entertained, and gosh-darn-it if local car dealership commercials aren't that.


CTV is connected to only smart TVs, not the entire Internet, like OTT. CTV, however, is still an important tactic to have in mind as it allows dealers to target specific geographic areas with ease, reaching your ideal audience. Like OTT advertisements, CTV is data-driven and customizable for content to remain relevant for longer.

OTT Vs. Social Media and Email Marketing

Social media ads also gather a lot of daily attention, as there are 4.76 billion people that use social media. With over half of the world's population using it at any given time, it's a powerful tool to help grow your reputation and brand recognition. Email and text marketing are two additional sound methods to dabble in, as long as you keep the message focused, clear, and quickly loadable. This often ties into your website as messages such as these are usually accompanied by a link. Make sure your site is up to date and has been optimized.

OTT Vs. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are perhaps the most trusted form of marketing, at least when it comes to potential customers. 88% of consumers are likely to discover a local business thanks to a glowing review, and are nearly 7.5 times more of an important factor than other methods.

While OTT advertising is the latest innovative form of ads used by car dealerships, that doesn't mean you have to stop using other forms altogether. Taditional forms of marketing still holds a lot of value as long as you know how to do it properly or can hire a team like CMG Local Solutions to assist you with it.

It's Time to Face the Facts

The world is shifting and changing into something different than 40 years ago. Marketing techniques are, in turn, doing the same, and while it's great to continue using tried-and-true methods, you also have to grow.

Things to Keep in Mind


On average, it takes roughly $150 to sell a single car through digital marketing efforts. Traditional methods use- wanna take a guess? $1,581 for one car. This number alone helps to explain the shift dealers are making in their budgets to work with internet advertisers instead. Since the transition began, the cost of advertising it takes to sell a car has decreased by over 30%. As of 2020, ad budgets were divided by 56% aimed at internet advertising and 44% towards traditional methods. From a financial standpoint, digital marketing for your local car dealership commercial is the smart choice to make.

Knowing your audience

The first question you need to be asking yourself is, "Who do I want to reach with this?" As a local car dealership, your target audience is car shoppers in your area. When creating your campaign, keep in mind the funnel of advertising:

  • Awareness (learn and recognize).
  • Consideration (show inventory and messaging that matches interests).
  • Conversion (ready-to-buy leads).

Each step requires unique messaging to encourage customers to progress within the funnel.

Settling on a strategy

There are many different strategies to choose from. Picking the right one strongly correlates to knowing your audience, understanding the resources around you, and paying attention to current trends or the latest marketing advancements.

OTT and CMG: Helping your local car dealership commercial reach your perfect audience

We've talked about a lot here today, from corny-but-lovable car dealership commercials to the rapidly advancing OTT method of advertising. Trying a new form of marketing can be an exciting but also worrisome time. You might feel like you're not sure what you're doing and that you'd like someone to take the reins on this part. That's where CMG comes in.

Our team has over 80 years of experience spearheading successful marketing campaigns. We've seen it all, from businesses that need little assistance to some that need a lot, making us well-equipped to help you set up your latest campaign. Our OTT experts also come with a nice price tag, significantly lower than our competitors.

Whether you're looking for a complete redo of your marketing efforts or simply have a specific area in mind to rework, your partnership with CMG will ensure the right people see your local car dealership commercial.

Are you ready to add OTT to your marketing mix?

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