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Roof Cleaning Marketing Strategies

Get Covered With Smart Marketing

How to Market Your Roof Cleaning Company

The sky's the limit with the latest digital marketing tactics.

Keeping a strong sales pipeline is a little like roof cleaning—it takes regular upkeep and expert care. And the right mix of marketing tactics can help capture new customers and engage existing ones. Let's take a high-level view!

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Leading roof cleaning companies are embracing the digital marketing landscape.

"CMG Local Solutions has managed our advertising since March 2017, and we've seen consistent year-over-year growth ever since. What sets CMG apart from others we've worked with is their focus on the big picture for our company. The team stays focused on what's most important to our bottom line and truly looks out for our best interests. If you want a digital and traditional advertising expert who is committed to helping your business grow instead of just getting the next 'sale,' CMG is the company to work with."

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"We got a massive commercial lead from our Facebook campaign. I can say that the quality of leads here is better than we've ever seen."

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Marketing Quick Wins for Roof Cleaning Companies

Elevate your marketing, faster

Getting to the top in your market doesn't happen overnight. But there are some tactics you can leverage now for quick wins.

Instill Urgency

Take advantage of seasonal risks—like upcoming rainy seasons—to remind current customers (via email or SMS) that they need a roof cleaning. Combine the message with special offers for a higher conversion rate.

Show Up in Search

When in need of roof cleaning or maintenance, most people will head straight to their search engine of choice. Run a campaign in your local market/s to ensure you show up at the top.

Rack Up the Reviews

Contact recent past customers to ask for an online review (be sure to give them links to your platform of choice). You can even incentivize them with a discount on their next cleaning.

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Recommended Time Frame

9 Months

A Step-By-Step Guide to Roof Cleaning Marketing

Let's take it from the top—with this 5-step approach.

Success with your roof cleaning business takes a finger on the pulse of digital marketing. Get started with this approach.

Make Scheduling Easy

Roof cleaning may be something that customers put off until it becomes an urgent need; other times, they might not be sure they need it at all. Either way, removing the friction from the scheduling or estimating process will help close more prospects. Make sure your websites and online forms/scheduling tools are simple and easy to navigate. That way, when you start putting money into lead generation, you'll enjoy higher conversion rates.

Get the Leads Flowing

Speaking of conversions: More leads mean more chances to grow your customer base. In the highly competitive home services industry, you'll need several channels and tactics to keep leads flowing and optimize your investment. An expert partner can help you find the right mix—likely including search ads, directory marketing, display, social and even TV and radio.

Teach and Nurture

As mentioned, some homeowners might not know the importance of regular roof cleaning and maintenance. Creating educational content about the importance of roof cleaning (blogs, ebooks, calculators and more) can help boost your SEO scores, draw in new customers and position your company as an expert in the space. You can even gate this content as lead bait—you'll get a foot in the door and they'll get an education!

Build Awareness

Don't rely solely on last-minute searches for roof cleaning services. Build your brand over time with brand-friendly advertising channels like OTT, social, display and radio. Then, when customers are in need of a clean, they'll gravitate toward your business because they'll recognize the name.

Leverage Good Reviews

Before the business starts rolling in, have a plan to solicit, manage and leverage good reviews. Use automated emails to get new reviews soon after a new job; try monitoring software or manual processes to check and respond to reviews; finally, use these reviews and testimonials as trust signals on your website and in your advertising campaigns.

Roof Cleaning Marketing Trends

See the latest technologies and tactics delivering success for roof cleaning companies. 

Home services (roofing included) are going digital. But getting your next roof cleaning client could be expensive; work with an experienced partner to ensure strong ROI.

Search ad CPC for home services keywords can exceed $40

The on-demand home services market size is expected to grow by $4.75 billion from 2021 to 2026

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Roofer Sees Double-Digit Growth

Latite Roofing was about to rebrand and their business goals were shifting. They needed a strategy to drive leads for residential new roof and reroof services. They were also looking for a new digital advertiser who could deliver real results. CMG delivered a detailed display and social strategy to support the rebrand.

48% YoY Growth

Latite saw +48% overall YoY growth due to the campaign success. Throughout the partnership the client gave constant feedback about how impressed they were with the CMG team.

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From information about the size and makeup of your local or national market to insights on your competitors and their marketing activities, we'll provide you with in-depth, free reports to help guide your roof cleaning marketing strategy in the right direction. Fill out the form to get started.

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