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Pool Services Marketing

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How to Market Your Pool Services Business

Jump in with these tips for marketing success.

Small fish in a big pool? The right mix of digital media tactics can help you compete in even the most crowded markets. Let's dive in!

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Marketing Quick Wins for Pool Service Companies

Dip a toe in—and see fast results—with these tactics.

Whether you're just getting your feet wet or a already a pro, these quick wins are a good idea for any pool service company.

Focus on Seasonality

Get a digital ad campaign off the ground quickly with a seasonal special. Summer specials or winter maintenance plans alike, this can instill urgency among your targets.

Show it on Social

Especially for pool builders and landscapers, engaging social content can attract eyeballs—and new prospects. Use your social pages as a visual oasis to show off your work.

Share Good Reviews

Word gets around about good pool service companies. Amplify this natural word-of-mouth by leveraging online ratings in your ad and email campaigns.

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Pool Services Marketing

Make a splash with this 5-step plan.

Marketing is a lot like pool maintenance—it takes regular care, the right mix of treatments and careful observation. Boost your business with this proven approach.

Polish Your Online Presence

Word of mouth is golden in the pool services business. But one bad review can muddy the waters—quickly. Make sure you're aware of what your customers are seeing when they vett you in an online search. Address any immediate issues by responding to negative reviews; then implement a plan—either manually or with social listening software—to constantly monitor and respond to online reviews.

Maintain Your Socials

From pool cleaning timelapses to pool build before-and-afters, prospects will love seeing the final, beautiful results of your latest pool project. This also provides visual proof that you have what it takes when prospective clients do their research. Finally, you can use social content in social ad campaigns to further widen your reach.

Reach More Prospects

Speaking of widening your reach, pool service companies often rely primarily on word-of-mouth or traditional marketing (like flyers and door hangers). But you can grow much more quickly and efficiently with targeted digital campaigns—including paid search, display and social media advertising.

Don't Forget Reviews

When you have regular customers on a pool maintenance schedule, it's easy to forget about soliciting a review. Check this off your list early in the relationship, or, in the case of a pool build, right after completion. Emails can serve as a reminder if necessary. Then, keep a list of happy customers in your back pocket when selling your services to new prospects.

Cultivate Your Brand

Pool care services can seem like a commodity, but strong memorable branding can give you an edge on the competition. That's because brand familiarity goes a long way in building trust and credibility. TV, display and social can be great brand-building channels—and all can be extremely targeted to your market and intended audience. If you do it right, customers searching for a pool builder or pool maintenance service will feel instant familiarity when they come across your name.

Pool Service Marketing Trends

Pool service companies must employ digital marketing tactics.

From pool cleanings on-demand to geo targeted digital advertising, there are lots of ways to find and win new clients through new tech. But make sure your partner is proven—and can deliver the ROI you need.

Search ad CPC for home services keywords can exceed $40

The on-demand home services market size is expected to grow by $4.75 billion from 2021 to 2026

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