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Orthodontic Marketing Strategies

Get Your Marketing Straight

How to Market Your Orthodontic Practice

Brace yourself for the latest, smart digital marketing tactics!These smart digital marketing strategies will have you smiling.

Orthodontists must keep a constant new patient pipeline to remain on top. Modern digital marketing tactics can make that a lot easier. But you'll want an expert partner to help. Let's get things straight!

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Marketing Quick Wins for Orthodontic Practices

These quick-start tactics will have you smiling.

Building a successful orthodontic practice can take years. But these ideas will help with traction quickly—whether you're new or established.

Show Up In Search

When someone needs orthodontic services, they'll likely start online. Show up first in their search with a quick search campaign. Enlist an expert partner to help get things right.

Boost Your Reviews

After finding a handful of options, prospective patients will take the next step by diving into reviews and ratings. Make sure yours are solid. If not, work with a partner who knows how to clean things up.

Show Off On Social

Straighter smiles are worthy of the 'gram! If you don't yet have social channels established, get started. You can expand your reach with a paid social campaign targeting local prospects.

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Primary Key Performance Indicator

Form Fills + Phone Calls

Recommended Time Frame

9 Months

A Step-By-Step Guide to Orthodontic Marketing

Keep the patients coming with this step-by-step strategy.

Marketing your orthodontic practice doesn't have to be mystifying. Follow this easy plan so you can focus on what you do best—delivering straighter smiles.

Work on Your Website

Much like a smile, your website is your first impression! Does it sparkle like you would hope? At the least, it should be modern, functional and easy to navigate; you might also consider online scheduling options for initial consultations or follow-up appointments. And don't forget about your business profile on search engines.

Work on Local SEO & SEM

Location-specific search marketing is a must for your orthodontics practice. When prospective patients need your services, they'll likely do an online search first. By optimizing your content for search engine queries (and considering targeted paid search campaigns), you'll be much more likely to rise to the top and get their business.

Leverage Current Patients

Current and past happy patients are a huge asset. Use email, SMS and in-person communications (like in-office signage) to encourage referrals and word of mouth. You might even consider offering a discount on services to those who refer new patients your way.

Maximize Your Brand

4) Maximize Your Brand When people in the local community have heard your name, you've won half the battle. Building familiarity through local branding efforts like connected TV, radio, social and OOH will help spark instant trust when prospects are ready to choose an orthodontist.

Encourage Reviews

As mentioned in Quick Win #2 and Step #3, reviews and ratings are vital. Have a plan in place to encourage current patients to write a review (email or SMS reminders, for instance) and also to address any negative reviews/issue that may arise.

Orthodontic Industry Trends

Get the facts straight about where the orthodontics industry is headed.

AI, telehealth and a variety of other digital tools are changing orthodontics practices—and the way they acquire and communicate with new patients.

71% of patients use online reviews as the very first step to finding a new practice/doctor

90 percent of patients who used any type of digital health tool rated their experience as good

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Dentist's Leads Double

A prominent dental practice in Tampa needed a cohesive brand and marketing strategy with impactful messaging. The CMG team conducted a brand/marketing strategy workshop, followed by a strong, comprehensive marketing recommendation that included responsive website redesign, SEO, blogs and native, PPC, retargeting, display, and social advertising.

New Sales Goal of $800,000

The overall strategy in this campaign led to the client's phone call leads being doubled. The practice set new patient revenue records after being in business for 35 years. In fact, they have set a new sales goal of $800,000 per month. Most importantly, the client's marketing success has contributed to their bottom line and ability to expand to a second location.

Get FREE Custom Insights

We have inside information on the audience and market trends affecting your orthodontic practice.

From information about the size and makeup of your local or national market to insights on your competitors and their marketing activities, we'll provide you with in-depth, free reports to help guide your orthodontics marketing strategy in the right direction. Fill out the form to get started.

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