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Home Services Franchise Marketing Strategies

Small Improvements 
Go a Long Way

How to Market Your Home Service Franchise Business

We have just the fix to beat the competition.

No matter what your segment of home services your franchise falls in, the landscape is competitive and ever-evolving. Winning your local market requires a strong, omnichannel mix—and nailing your targeting. Let's find your perfect fix!

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Marketing Quick Wins for Home Services Franchises

Here are 3 quick fixes for your home services marketing.

Building the customer base and reputation for any home service franchise business doesn't happen overnight. But these fast wins can help.

Fix Your Rep

If you have any issues with your online reputation, now's the time to fix them. Take immediate steps to respond to any negative reviews and then run a quick campaign (email or SMS) to get recent customers to post an online review for a fast boost.

Pop Up in Search

Regardless of the type of home services your franchise business offers, catching a new customer could depend on a single search. Local paid search campaigns are quick and easy to implement with the right partner.

Spruce Up Your Social

Even the most unassuming home service segments can get a boost from good social content. From cleaning, landscaping and remodeling "before and after" content to quick tips from your skilled tradesmen, getting traction on social can yield fast results.

Suggested Services

PPC, SEO, Broadcast, Email, CRO

Primary Key Performance Indicator

Phone Calls, Form Fills

Recommended Time Frame

12 Months

A Step-By-Step Guide to Home Services Franchisee Marketing

Improvement starts with a solid strategy.

Don't be intimidated by the prospect of building your marketing mix. Follow this 5-step plan.

Work on Your Web Presence

First things first: Your website, mobile app and any other digital "storefront" need to be in good working order. Even if these are controlled at a corporate level, make sure your local pages/listings are up to date and optimized. You can also work with your corporate owner to suggest improvements—including online scheduling tools, better lead generation and management, and more.

Be There When They Need You

Like we mentioned in Quick Win #2, being there when a customer needs your service is crucial. If paid search is the quick fix, location-specific/local SEO is the long game. This means keeping your business listings in tip-top shape and ripe with the right content. Nailing this piece in a competitive segment calls for expert guidance.

Be Ready

Even if your corporate owner is pumping leads to your home services franchise, it's on you to make sure you handle them right. Make sure you have a smart system in place for seeing and responding to online leads quickly, which could include automated email responses. On the other side of the coin, a recruiting campaign can ensure you have a pipeline of potential employees to answer to growing demand for your services.

Build Your Local Brand

Your franchise owner is likely investing in the brand at a national level. But you'll also need to work on building your brand in your own backyard. Use brand-friendly local marketing channels like connected TV, radio, social and OOH to market to consumers in your area. Then when they need your service, they'll remember your name over the competition for built-in familiarity and trust.

Keep Your Reputation Clean

The home services business is notoriously affected by online reviews—for better or worse. Make sure your franchise location maintains a good rep by implementing a plan to monitor and respond to online reviews. Then work on automated campaigns (email and SMS) to encourage recent customers to write reviews immediately after their service.

Home Services Franchise Marketing Trends

These trends are hitting the home service franchise industry now.

The home services franchise industry has grown quickly since the 2008 recession and is still going strong—and competition is fierce. Stay ahead with strong marketing.

The global home services market is expected to reach $1.2 trillion by 2026

Cleaning services are 30% of the total revenue; landscaping is 20%

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We drove over 1,000 calls in just one year for one of the longest standing Garage Door Franchises in the nation. We helped this brand gain an 88.9% impression share for thier brand name via paid search.

88.9% Impression Share

CMG also helped this home services franchise improve their average postion online from 4.3 to 1.5.

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