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Wealth Management Marketing Strategies

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How to Market Your Wealth Management Business

Like managing client wealth, marketing success requires a bespoke approach.

For wealthy clients, there is no shortage of options for money managers. That's why it's crucial to differentiate your firm from others with your messaging—and your tactical approach. It will likely require help from a pro who can help you determine the perfect omni-channel marketing mix. Let's take stock!

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Marketing Quick Wins for Wealth Management Companies

You're good as gold with these easy starter tactics.

Much like building trust with your clients, marketing success doesn't happen overnight. But there are some easy, quick wins that can help get the ball rolling.

Get Social

As a wealth manager, you're already something of an influencer to your clients—and a thought leader on smart investment strategies. Why not bring that expertise online and build your credibility and following? Start with posting smart, valuable viewpoints and expert tips to expand your potential client pool.

Manage Your Reputation

Trusting a single firm with their wealth can be nerve wracking for a client. That's why trust and reputation is so vital in the wealth management space. How is your online reputation? If your reviews and ratings need help, work with an expert partner who can help you navigate things.

Encourage Word of Mouth

When it comes to wealth management, word of mouth is still marketing table stakes. Bring it into the modern era by using automated email or SMS to ask current clients for referrals.

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Wealth Management Marketing

This 5-step marketing approach will keep your firm in the money.

Regardless of the history of your wealth management firm, new digital marketing tactics can help breath new life into the business—and invigorate your new client pipeline. From SEO and paid digital media to connected TV and marketing automation, choose an expert partner to help you navigate the process.

See What Your Competition is Up To

The wealth management space is a competitive one—whether you're a small local firm or a part of a larger financial institution. So before you pull your marketing plan together, it's vital to do a thorough competitive audit. It's not as easy as it sounds, though, so make sure to choose a professional marketing partner who can access competitive information (search rankings, advertising spend, etc.) and analyze it to provide actionable insights needed to beat out other firms.

Make a Strong Online Impact

Your wealth management firm likely has some form of a dashboard so your clients can check in on their accounts. In addition to solid online account management tools, you should also have a strong cross-channel digital presence as a way to communicate with clients and prospects. From email and SMS messaging to SEO and paid digital advertising, the right mix will help you increase visibility and preference.

Keep Your Pipeline Flowing

A full-funnel approach to lead generation, nurturing and conversion will ensure your pipeline always stays full. The right marketing partner can recommend an ideal mix—from high value gated content (ask users for their name and email to download it) to search ads that catch prospects in key moments of their journey; plus retargeting ads, automated email and SMS to nurture and convert.

Branding Matters

Large wealth management firms will always outspend smaller independent brands, but the good news is, you can still make your branding investment count thanks to hyper-targeted channels like connected TV, programmatic display and paid social. Invest in strong brand positioning and identity work, if need be; then leverage campaigns within your community and target audience to build name recognition and trust.

Pay Attention to Attribution

Just as your clients expect returns on their investments, so should you on your marketing spend. But it's important not to just measure based on where final conversions are coming from. Prospects will likely have had multiple touchpoints with your brand before they convert—and what happens throughout the journey is just as important as the tactic that finally tips the scales. Work with a partner who knows how to implement a multi-touch attribution plan, so you can get the true picture of the effectiveness of each marketing channel.

Wealth Management Trends

U.S. wealth management and brokerages have great power and potential.

The majority of U.S. investors use brokerages to manage their investments, and the amount of money is staggering. But this also means that the competition can be fierce. Successful firms develop a marketing edge.

More than 54% of Americans use brokerage firms to manage their investments

U.S. financial brokerages managed assets of $3.4 trillion (from 2000-2019)

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From information about the size and makeup of your local or national market to insights on your competitors and their marketing activities, we'll provide you with in-depth, free reports to help guide your wealth management marketing strategy in the right direction. Fill out the form to get started.

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