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Retirement Planning Marketing Strategies

Retire The Old 
Way of Marketing

How to Market Your Retirement Planning Business

The next chapter of your retirement planning business is digital.

There's an exciting new day on the horizon for retirement planning businesses—and it's digitally driven. See how the old tactics are getting a fresh spin and learn how you can put them to work in your favor. Let's start planning!

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Marketing Quick Wins for Retirement Planning Businesses

Build things up fast with these quick wins.

Like your client's retirement accounts, your marketing efforts will take time to fully pay off. But, you can get some results quickly with these tactics.

Get Social

As a retirement planner, you're already something of an influencer to your clients—they look to you for expert knowledge to set them up for long-term financial success. Bring that advice on to your social accounts to build a following and build trust with current and prospective clients.

Manage Your Reputation

Retirement planning is a high-touch business that requires lots of trust building. That doesn't happen overnight—but getting new positive reviews can! Ask your clients to post a rating/review on your search engine profile or other listing sites. If your current ratings need work, you may want to work with an expert partner to clean things up.

Ask Them to Share the Wealth

Asking clients to spread the word about your retirement planning business is still a critical tactic. But it gets a digital spin: use automated emails to reach out to clients at key times and ask them for referrals.

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Retirement Planning Marketing

Like your business, successful marketing is all in the plan.

You know better than anyone that financial success requires building a strong foundation and adhering to a solid, future-forward plan. Apply the same principals to your digital marketing—and find a proven partner who can help—for the most marketing ROI.

Review the Competition

Retirement planning is a competitive space—even when you remove all the big national players from the space. To get the most from your marketing spend, it's important to have a good handle on the competitive landscape. But seeing how your competitors stack up isn't always easy, so work with a professional who can peel back the layers and reveal key insights. You'll be better positioned to beat out the competition.

Boost Your Digital Presence

To compete in today's online world, your tax planning firm not only needs digital tools for your clients (account access, dashboards, etc.) but also a strong online presence as a first impression for new prospects. This includes business profiles on search engines and other listings sites; strong reviews and ratings; a strong SEO strategy; and paid digital advertising. The right mix will help you increase visibility and encourage prospects to choose your business.

Become a Trusted Source

Online educational content and tools are not only valuable ways to boost SEO; they also will help position your tax planning firm as an expert in your area. This goes a long way to convince new prospects that you're right for the job, and strengthens your relationship with current clients to ensure they stick around. Promote content via paid search and social as a way to generate leads.

Get Your Name Out There

Similar to word of mouth, branding efforts are a key way to build credibility in your local community. If prospective clients have heard your name, you already have a head start on the competition within the consideration set. Connected TV, radio and digital OOH are great ways to boost your brand while still targeting the right audiences (at the right time).

Solicit Reviews—and Put Them to Use

As mentioned, the retirement planning business is still largely fueled by word of mouth. Leverage that in the digital world by asking your clients for online reviews (via emails or SMS). These reviews can boost SEO and also be used to bolster the message in your ad campaigns.

Retirement Planning Trends

Opportunities for growth abound in the retirement planning industry.

It's no surprise that we're entering a retirement boom—the likes of which we've never before seen. At the same time, there is a desperate need for retirement planning as many people aren't prepared. Get ahead of the curve with a strong marketing strategy.

55% of Americans say they are behind on retirement planning

One in six people worldwide will be at or nearing retirement age by 2030.

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From information about the size and makeup of your local or national market to insights on your competitors and their marketing activities, we'll provide you with in-depth, free reports to help guide your retirement planning marketing strategy in the right direction. Fill out the form to get started.

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