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Investment Brokerage Marketing Strategies

Invest in Your 
Marketing Success

How to Market Your Investment Brokerage Business

The key to investment brokerage marketing success is a diversified approach.

Financial services is a highly competitive industry, which means it's critical to differentiate your brand from your competitors. It takes a savvy mix of marketing channels and pitch-perfect messaging to deliver results. Let's diversify!

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Marketing Quick Wins for Investment Brokers

Go for the gold with these easy tactics.

Much like building a solid portfolio, marketing success take time and strategic effort. Get early traction with these quick wins.

Boost Your Digital Aesthetic

Your website is the first "office" prospective clients see. Make sure your website is aimed at instilling trust and credibility with your target audience—and that it checks the basic boxes (fast loading, easy to navigate, strong calls to action).

See What's Being Said

There is possibly nothing less nerve-wracking than handing over your hard-earned money to an investment brokerage. With so much at stake, your online reputation needs to be gleaming. If you have some things to clean up, work with an expert partner who knows how to help.

Encourage Referrals

In line with Quick Win #2, many of your investment brokerage clients may come from word-of-mouth. Afterall, if a trusted source recommends you to a friend, that's as good as gold. Ask your current clients to provide referrals—either in person when you see them, or via email.

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9 Months

A Step-By-Step Guide to Investment Brokerage Marketing

Make smart marketing investments with this 5-step plan.

Looking to supercharge your new client pipeline? With the right mix of marketing channels and a full-funnel approach, you'll be in the money in no time. Work hand-in-hand with a partner who can help you perfect your plan.

Keep Tabs on the Competition

There's a lot of competition in the investment brokerage business—both online and in your local community. That makes it even more crucial to do a comprehensive competitive audit before you start any new marketing efforts. You'll want to engage a marketing professional who can look at the landscape and provide insights into where competitors stand with their digital media and SEO activities. Then, you'll be better positioned to surpass them.

Deliver Online

Client dashboards and other online account access for your investment brokerage clients are must-haves these days, so be sure your offerings live up to the competition. Beyond that, you'll want to ensure your entire online presence is where is needs to be, and that you're capturing prospects while they're doing their research on investment brokerages. This takes a multi-pronged digital marketing approach.

Find—and Nurture—New Leads

There's a lot you can do to keep the leads flowing—from high value gated content (ask users for their name and email to download it) to search ads that catch prospects in key moments of their journey. But you'll also need to nurture these leads as well. This means retargeting ads, automated email and SMS, sales outreach, and more to ensure multiple touchpoints from the time someone first sees your investment brokerage online to the time they visit your office.

Count on Branding

Large national investment brokerages spend gobs of money curating their brand to perfection. You don't have to match their budgets—but you can take a page from their book to build your brand in your local community or region. Invest in strong brand positioning and identity work, if need be; then leverage brand-friendly channels like connected TV, radio and digital display to build a name for yourself.

Pay Attention to Attribution

Just like investment returns, marketing ROI is the end-all-be-all of your marketing success. But identifying which tactics made the difference is not as easy. That's because clients will likely have multiple touchpoints with your brand before they convert—and what happens throughout the journey is just as important as the tactic that finally tips the scales. Work with an expert partner to implement multi-touch attribution, so you can get the true, full picture.

Investment Brokerage Trends

U.S. investment brokerages have great power and potential.

The majority of U.S. investors use brokerages to manage their investments, and the amount of money is staggering. But this also means that the competition can be fierce. Successful firms develop a marketing edge.

More than 54% of Americans use brokerage firms to manage their investments

U.S. financial brokerages managed assets of $3.4 trillion (from 2000-2019)

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From information about the size and makeup of your local or national market to insights on your competitors and their marketing activities, we'll provide you with in-depth, free reports to help guide your investment brokerage marketing strategy in the right direction. Fill out the form to get started.

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