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Insurance Marketing Strategies

Remove the Risk 
From Your Marketing

How to Market Your Insurance Business

Calculated strategy and a look at the big picture will ensure marketing success.

You protect your clients homes, cars and more every day—but are you protecting your marketing ROI? Be proactive about business growth and success with a smart, omni-channel marketing approach. Let's assess!

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Marketing Quick Wins for Insurance Businesses

Start here for quick traction.

The process to build your new client pipeline can be a long one. Fortunately, there are a few quick-win tactics that can generate fast results.

Bolster Your Digital Rep

First, make sure you have a local business profile with Google and other search engines. If you've checked that box, the next step is to build more positive reviews there. Ask your current clients to write a review to get the ball rolling. If your reviews and ratings need help, work with an expert partner who can help you navigate things.

Be in the Right Place at the Right Time

Insurance brokerages get a lot of business from word of mouth. But outside of direct referrals, search engines will be a key source of leads. Implement a search ad campaign right away to get in front of people looking for insurance now—so you'll be in the right place at the right time to secure their accounts.

Tell Clients to Tell a Friend

As mentioned, word of mouth is still very important in the insurance business. Make it easier to encourage referrals from current clients with automated emails or SMS on the topic.

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Primary Key Performance Indicator

Form Fills + Phone Calls

Recommended Time Frame

9 Months

A Step-By-Step Guide to Insurance Marketing

Don't put your new client pipeline at risk. Follow these five steps.

Whether you're a small local brokerage or an agent for a larger insurance company, keeping your new client pipeline full is constant work. The good news is, new digital channels and ad technologies are making things easier than before. Once you have a foundation with help from an expert partner, it's much easier to keep the wheels turning.

Take a Look at the Competition

Insurance is perhaps one of the most competitive industries—even when you take out the national TV ad fight among top insurance companies. Before you get started, it's vital to take stock of your local or regional competition. How are they going to market? What marketing channels are they using? And where do they rank in organic search results? You can learn a lot about how to beat them out—but you'll likely need an expert partner to help you peel back the layers and recommend a strategy.

Develop a Holistic Online Presence

From your search engine business profiles to your website itself, online first impressions are crucial in the insurance business. Beyond that, you'll want to make sure that anywhere you show up online is optimized to capture leads from prospective new customers—from quote request buttons on your Yelp profile to prominent, easy-to-use forms on your website.

Stay in Touch

Getting a new online lead is only half the battle. Your prospect is likely feeling out multiple insurance brokers to see who is best, and it's not just about the best policies and prices. Convince new leads that you have the best response times and service with automated emails, SMS and retargeting ads designed to nurture them toward choosing your brokerage.

Make a Name for Yourself

Building a name for your insurance brokerage in your community is like building trust. You can't compete with the big insurance companies on a national scale, but you can still win in your own backyard. Use brand-friendly channels like radio, connected TV and OOH (billboards, sponsorships, etc.) to make yourself a household name.

Keep an Eye on Results

Experts estimate that the cost per acquisition (of new clients) in the insurance industry is approaching $1,000 per client. Keeping an eye on this—and which channels are working—will help you get the most from your spend. But remember—last-touch attribution won't provide you a clear picture of how all the pieces are working together. Work with a partner who can help you with a multi-touch attribution strategy.

Insurance Brokerage Trends

The insurance industry is crowded and competitive—but still growing.

The insurance industry is growing and evolving—with new technologies changing the playing field. Brokerages must adapt to stay competitive.

The number of U.S. insurance agents is projected to grow 5% (from 2019-2029)

Investors put a record-breaking $7.8 billion toward insurtech companies in 2019

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