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Home Healthcare Marketing Strategies

Maintain a Healthy 
Marketing Mix

How to Market Your Home Healthcare Business

Give a little TLC to your marketing efforts and watch business grow.

In home healthcare, there's a lot more to worry about than marketing. But the competition is intensifying, and keeping your pipeline full is vital to success. You'll need the right marketing mix and a strong partner. Let's check in on things!

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Marketing Quick Wins for Home Healthcare Companies

Get quick care for your marketing plan.

Building a name for your home healthcare business is a long road. But these quick wins can help get you started toward success.

Appear in Their Searches

If prospects don't get a home healthcare recommendation through word of mouth, their next move will be to search online. Make sure you show up at the top of their search with a paid search campaign. An experienced partner can help you nail it.

Manage Your Rep

Reputation and reviews are everything in home healthcare—where people are trusting you with the care of their loved ones. As a first step, get your online ratings in check, and enlist an expert partner to help, if need be.

Start With Social

If people are leveraging home healthcare for the first time, they may have questions. You can share opinions, advice and resources on your social channels to position yourself as a thought leader and credible brand in the space.

Suggested Services


Primary Key Performance Indicator

Form Fills + Phone Calls

Recommended Time Frame

9 Months

A Step-By-Step Guide to Home Healthcare Marketing

Get into their homes—and hearts—with this plan.

Compassionate care is a staple of your home healthcare business. But without marketing, people will never know about your amazing services. Fortunately, we're taking the pain out of things with this 5-step plan.

Give Your Website Some TLC

You can bet that prospective clients who are seeking your services will vett you thoroughly online. This includes browsing your website before they ever pick up the phone to call. Make sure it's functional, easy to navigate and accurately represents your company's value.

Focus on SEO

As mentioned, search is an important part of any modern marketing plan, but particularly for home healthcare—a service that your prospects may never have needed in their lives before. They'll be seeking answers to questions, reviews on all of their local options and more. With good SEO (and paid search) you can be the first to deliver that information—and more likely to win their business.

Fill Your Pipeline

Home healthcare needs will come and go, so it's crucial to keep a steady flow of new patients to maintain a successful business. Do this with hyper-targeted, cost-efficient advertising channels—from search and social to display and connected TV. Enlist a pro to help you get things right.

Focus on Branding

Brand reputation is everything in the home healthcare industry. Part of this is the aforementioned reputation management; the other part is using various advertising channels to get your name out there and boost credibility. Local radio, connected TV, social and display are all good brand-building media to try.

Consider Attribution

The cost of acquiring a new customer can start to creep up quickly. This is where a solid, multi touch attribution strategy comes in. This will help you identify not only which channels are working well, but also how all channels are working together to drive results. Work with an expert partner who knows how to set up and translate analytics to deliver the true, full picture.

Home Healthcare Marketing Trends

Keep up with these trends for a healthy bottom line. 

As populations age, the need for home healthcare is growing significantly. Integrating technology can help home healthcare professionals be more efficient and effective with new patient acquisition and current client communication.

The home healthcare market is expected to nearly double by 2028

71% of patients use online reviews as the very first step to finding a new practice/doctor

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From information about the size and makeup of your local or national market to insights on your competitors and their marketing activities, we'll provide you with in-depth, free reports to help guide your home healthcare marketing strategy in the right direction. Fill out the form to get started.

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